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2000 Chevrolet Tahoe Limited
The Full Story

The Story of the "Tahoe Limited"


The TAHOE LIMITED is another one of Jon Moss's creations. He got the idea of this "SUV" when it was announced that the "Impala SS" was to be discontinued in 1996.

The "SUV" was suppose to be named the "TAHOE SS" when Jon Moss introduced it at the Detroit Auto Show in 1997. The concept for this SUV was well accepted BUT company politics slowed the production even though is was accepted just as well as the "Impala SS"

The Main problem with this SUV was the name. Insurance rates are already high for SUV's in the states and the addition of the "SS" badging on the Tahoe made it even higher. After many months of debating and scheming, the "TAHOE SS" was renamed the "Tahoe Limited". Production was announced to begin in early spring of 1999 ... WITH A CATCH!!! To make this SUV a true collector amongst the "SS" fanatics, only aprroximately 7500 units were to be manufactured. ALSO, only 1 unit was to be sold for every 3 dealerships nationwide. As of November 2000, Chevrolet still has not released the exact production numbers for the Limited's. These Tahoe's were specially equipped. ALL Limited's are monotone ONXY Black in color and were offered exclusively as 4 door 2WD models. The L31 Vortec 350 cu. in. small block V-8 produces 255 hp. and 330 ft-lbs. of torque @2800 rpm and was tweaked and optimized to 130+ mph. Special 2 tone leather interior with power driver's seat. The custom one off aluminum alloy wheels were produced by "Ronal Wheel" and are 16"x7.5" in size. Other special equipment includes: factory transmission oil cooler, engine oil cooler, increased cooling capacity, "Z56" suspension / performnace package (police and law enforcement use only), 46mm Bilsten shocks, front and rear sway bars (taken from the "Z71" Tahoe 4x4), heavy duty performance enhanced chassis, HD 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, front disc / rear drum (taken from the Suburban), color matched monotone front/rear bumpers and front grill, special ground effects, integrated bumper mounted fog lights, privacy black out window treatment, auto dimming/heated side view mirrors, deluxe sound insulation and "Limited" badging. The roof rack, body side moldings and tow hooks were both factory deleted items.

The only optionpackage available was the "Comfort and Security Package" "code ZM9". This option included carpeted front/rear floor mats, rear air conditioning, 46mm Bilsten shocks, heated driver's and front passenger's seats, power passenger front seat, reversible cargo mat, heated electrochromatic exterior mirrors and a Homelink 3-channel transmitter.

All the Limited's were produced in the same Arlington, Texas assembly plant as the Cadillac Escalade and the GMC Yukon Denalli (all carryover models for 2000), Chevrolet concocted the "Z71" and Limited to appeal to buyers who liked the "old style" better than the new, and to take up some slack in the production schedule while the Texas plant prepared to change over to the redesigned Caddy and GMC. Unfortunately if you like what you see here, 2000 was your only chance to snag one.